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About SuperStream-NXManagement Foundational Solutions

SuperStream based all Cloud -Cloud as the worldwide common function-

Everything in Cloud, enabling “Global Single Instance” !

  • Japan HQ and Overseas Subsidiaries will be connected based on accounting system.
  • Global Implementation may substantially reduce IT investment costs of groups as a whole.
  • Cross-border common systems/database will enable J-GAPP to be implemented in overseas accounting ledgers.

Global Operation Image

Multi language (Japanese & English) -Global One Operation-

Global One Operation

  • Oversea Users can operate the system in English
  • HQ is able to open “Same Screen" and perform “Same Operation”
  • Cross-border Common System/Database
  • Strongly support the overseas business expansion of Japanese clients

Language Setting per Users

No Need for "Translation" -Japanese/English Reporting-

Internal/External Reports can be issued both in Japanese/English

  • Oversea Users can operate the system in English
  • Reporting in English for the shareholders/investors of the company with higher foreign stock ownership ratio
  • Useful function for the management/Managers/Users of Japanese clients under Global Operations

No Need Translation -Japanese/English Reporting-

Operation Manual in English

Standard Service of Operation Manual for Local Users

  • Full English version of Operation Manual for SuperStream-NX
  • User friendly and can be used effectively for “Overseas documentation culture”
  • Support with the standardised procedures

Operating Manual

Global Single Instance -Improved Internal Control & Consolidation-

“No Information interruption”

  • No additional work for the client to compare own data with outsourcing results.
  • Enable Japan HQ to refer to Overseas financial statements. Improving the accuracy of the consolidation.
  • No interruption on data transfer, substantially reduces Internal Control Risk

Global Common Accounting System

Support “Functional Currency”
-Setting Functional Currency/Enable Revaluation of Foreign Currency-

Support Functional Currency

Highly Sophisticated Management Accounting -Enable Management Approach-

Profitability Analysis using Segmentation Function

  • Support Multiple Organisation, Customer/Vendor List, Segmentation, Project Code which is essential for management accounting purpose

Management Accounting using SuperStream

“Tracing Function” -Trace Business Challenge-

Real time access / trace of the business challenges by both Oversea subsidiary / HQ

  • NX provides Searching/Tracing functions of transactions to visualise Business Information
  • Available to attach the source documents to journal entries(Contracts, Invoices, etc.)
  • Tracing Function is available among Gl/AP/AR

Tracing Function - Visualise Business Information

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